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Thanks for visiting the Preacher’s Vault. com. A site intended to put the great gospel preaching of old back in the hands of the masses.

In the coming months we intend to feature sermons from men such as: Franklin Camp, Winfred Clark, Hugo McCord, Thomas B. Warren, Bobby Duncan, Roy J. Hearn, Frank D. Young, Guy N. Woods,  Marshall Keeble, Wendell Winkler and a host of others, most of which have passed from this life.  

We have an enormous collection of cassette tapes we intend on sharing with the world via this website in MP3 format. These MP3’s will also be available for free download on iTunes. Lord willing sermons will be added daily so we encourage you to check back often.  

Please take time to save this site into your favorites and to send a link to your friends. We pray that all who find and use this site will be spiritually blessed.  

In His Loving Hands,
    Jim Murrell
    Dale Harris  

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