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Sermons of V.P. Black

A Need For Evangelism (V.P. Black)

A Need For Evangelism (2) (V.P. Black)

The Message Of Jesus (V.P. Black )

The Manifestation of Jesus (V.P. Black)

Sermons of Gary Bradley

Despise Not The Christ (Gary Bradley)

Marriage God's Way (Gary Bradley)

Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ (Gary Bradley)

Discouragement (Gary Bradley)

Neither Give Place To The Devil (Gary Bradley)

Philippians 3 (Gary Bradley)


Sermons of Eris Benson

The Cross Without The Resurrection (Eris Benson)

Sermons of Franklin Camp

Developing Attitude of Sympathy (Franklin Camp)

Does Submission Deny Equality (Franklin Camp)

Attitude of Giving (Franklin Camp)

Exhortation For The Gospel (Franklin Camp)

Hezekiah's Prayer (Franklin Camp)

God's Way Is Not Man's Way (Franklin Camp)

Gathering The Children of God (Franklin Camp)

The Ethiopian Eunuch (Franklin Camp)

The Home God's Loves (Franklin Camp)

God Is On His Throne (Franklin Camp)

Let Satan Have No Advantage (Franklin Camp)

Christian Perseverance (Franklin Camp)

Be Not Conformed (Franklin Camp)

The Love of God (Franklin Camp)

Can Faith Save Us? (Franklin Camp)

These Things Shall Melt Away (Franklin Camp)

Giving As God See It (Franklin Camp)

The Cross And The Plan Of God (Franklin Camp)

Legalizing Sin (Franklin Camp)

Free Moral Agency of Man (Franklin Camp)

Instrumental Music (Franklin Camp) Bible Class

Death (Franklin Camp)

Philippians 2 (Franklin Camp)

Anxious Care Trusting God (Franklin Camp)

Sermons of Winfred Clark

Declaring War On The Pattern Of The Lord’s Church (Winfred Clark)

Justification (Winfred Clark)

Sermons of Travis Conner

Worldliness (Travis Conner)

The Good Life (Travis Conner)

Am I My Brothers Keeper? (Travis Conner)

Christian Growth (Travis Conner)

God Has Authority (Travis Conner)

Thank God For You (Travis Conner)

The Book of Life (Travis Conner)

What About The Church of Christ (Travis Conner)

Sermons of Andrew Connally

The Great Commission of the Lord's Church (Andrew Connally)

Sermons of Roy C Deaver

Col. 3:16 And Bible Authority

Sermons of Bobby Duncan

Our Number One Problem (Bobby Duncan)

The All Sufficiency of The Scriptures (Bobby Duncan)

The Purpose of The Church (Bobby Duncan)

Shall We Restructure The Church? (Bobby Duncan)

The Fundamentals of Christianity (Bobby Duncan)

Sermons of Joe Gilmore

The Organization Of The Lord's Church (Joe Gilmore)

The Greatest Question Ever Asked (Joe Gilmore)

Sermons of Garland Elkins

The Work of Paul (Garland Elkins)

The Bride of Christ (Garland Elkins)

Sermons of Emerson Estes

The Church and Its Concern For The Lost (Emerson Estes)

Sermons of Roy Hearn

The Exclusiveness of The Lord’s Church (Roy J Hearn)

Sermons of Jerry Jenkins

The Truth About Worry (Jerry Jenkins)

Sermons of Marshall Keeble

All Men One In Christ (Marshall Keeble)

The Doctor Who Never Lost A Case (Marshall Keeble)

The Great Physician (Marshall Keeble)

There's Water In The Plan (Marshall Keeble)

Sermons of Roy Lanier

Fellowship & The Doctrine (Roy H. Lanier)

Trying The Spirits (Roy H. Lanier)

Sermons of Hugo McCord

Discussion of Versions (Hugo McCord)

Sermons of Don Murrell

Doing God's Will (Don Murrell)

Who Are the Children of God (Don Murrell)

Don't Let Life Get You Down (Don Murrell)

God Said (Don Murrell)

Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ (Don Murrell)

Our Of Weakness We Are Made Strong (Don Murrell)

Giving God's Way (Don Murrell)

Taking (Don Murrell)

Adorning The Doctrine of Christ (Don Murrell)

Conforming Unto His Death (Don Murrell)

The Sermon On The Mount (Don Murrell)

Principles Of Successful Living (Don Murrell)

The Decision To Marry (Don Murrell)

Things Concerning Marriage (Don Murrell)

The Fundamentals of Christianity (Don Murrell)

Behold Your God (Don Murrell)

The Other Side Of The Cross (Don Murrell)

A Spiritual Checkup (Don Murrell)

Grace Through Faith (Don Murrell)

Sermons of Jim Murrell (CLICK HERE for more sermons by this speaker)

Discovering Your Gift (Jim Murrell)

In Gethsemane (Jim Murrell)

The Unsinkable Faith of Noah (Jim Murrell)

The Unwavering Faith of Abraham (Jim Murrell)

The Unthinkable Faith of Abraham (Jim Murrell)

The Unselfish Faith of Jacob (Jim Murrell)

Offering the Sacrifices of Thanksgiving (Jim Murrell)

Reason For Reflection (Jim Murrell)

Living In Your Victory (Jim Murrell) Lineville church of Christ

Winning The Unwinnable (Jim Murrell) Lineville church of Christ  

You Can't Win In Sin (Jim Murrell) Lineville church of Christ  

The Valley of Decision (Jim Murrell) Lineville church of Christ

Conquering Canaan- "Give Me This Mountain" (Jim Murrell)

Sermons of Goebel Music

The Blood Bought Church (Goebel Music)

Sermons of Jesse Phillips

The Right Attitude Toward Brethren (Jesse Phillips)

Sermons of Johnny Ramsey

Salvation & The Alien Sinner (Johnny Ramsey)

Sermons of James Rogers

Attitude (James Rogers)

Attitude In The Church (James Rogers)

Building Blocks of Christianity (James Rogers)

The Gift of Christianity (James Rogers)

Lord Tell Us Plainly (James Rogers)

Where Art Thou? (James Rogers)

What Must I Do? (James Rogers)

Heaven (James Rogers)

Hell (James Rogers)

Give God Your Best (James Rogers)

The Burial Of Jesus (James Rogers)

Sermons of Gaddys Roy

Regeneration (Gaddys Roy)

Sermons of Ed Smith

A Look At The Lord (Ed Smith)

Sermons of Jackie Stearsman

All About Christ (Jakie Stearsman)

Sermons of Robert Taylor

Premillennialism and Armageddon (Robert Taylor)

Premillennialism and The Conversion of the Jews (Robert Taylor)

 Sermons of G.K. Wallace

A Need For Restoration The Old Paths (G.K. Wallace)

Sermons of Thomas B. Warren

The Bible Makes Christians Only And The Only Christians (Thomas B. Warren)

Sermons of Wendell Winkler

Why I Am Happy To Be A Christian (Wendell Winkler)

What Will It Be Like When Jesus Returns (Wendell Winkler)

Philemon (Wendell Winkler)

Moses, Who Made His Mark On The World (Wendell Winkler)

Why I Am A Member of The Church of Christ (Wendell Winkler)

Challenges Facing The 21st Century Church (Wendell Winkler)

Believing In Jesus (Wendell Winkler)

Sowing And Reaping (Wendell Winkler)

Church Discipline (Wendell Winkler)

Hindrances To Evangelism (Wendell Winkler)

In God We Trust (Wendell Winkler)

Sermons of William Woodson

Jesus, Our Advocate (William Woodson)

Introduction to 1 John (Williams Woodson)



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